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Hahaha you crazy kids

2010-08-15 04:35:12 by Gokuslilbrother

See you in 2013!

If we live

Don't call it a comeback

2010-07-20 10:31:16 by Gokuslilbrother

I've been here for years

I forgot my belt sander and I got locked in the shed!

I told you I would never make a continuation to a certain series. I lied!

Did you miss me?

2009-09-11 20:40:18 by Gokuslilbrother

I was in the shed


2009-09-09 03:32:55 by Gokuslilbrother

I forgot to milk that goodbye, I bet no one even cried...
Oh well, I'll try it again when everyone forgot what happened
Maybe I should do something involving a gunshot noise and red sauce? Hmmm


2009-08-25 23:07:34 by Gokuslilbrother

Everyone quits and comes back to Newgrounds
I've "quit" 10 times
I'll obviously be back

It's okay gentlemen

2009-08-11 17:12:16 by Gokuslilbrother

Jordan Hass is alive

Jordan Hass...
Will be missed...

We must all cry deeply and remember

I wanna join one so bad after watching that movie! But I can't figure out where they take place!

Now now I wouldn't want you to break the first 2 rules of Fight Club but just so ya know...

I'm cool...

Fight Club! Fight Club! Woo! Woo! Fight Club!

And it was called...


It was art, that's all I can say... Art
It dealt with everything on the spectrum reaching deep into the human mind with a final message too powerful to put in words, so I had to make one up...

That's right, Gantz is Spenlai
I highly recommend this anime to anyone and everyone, there's only 26 episodes so it won't take you too long to get the message that lies inside, I'll let you find it out for yourself

Seeya next time

Scratch that, fives

2009-07-02 23:09:52 by Gokuslilbrother

Celebrity deaths always come in fives?