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Help me!!

2008-08-23 16:17:40 by Gokuslilbrother

I need help with the scroll bar for my new Naruto Scene Creator flash... I need the player to be able to scroll down and get more sprites. Like an endless pool of sprites to choose from, but it can't scroll the whole page just this little section, do you know how?! I'm really stumped and if you help me I'll give you all my pokemons.

Well not that but, you'll be in my new flash (Not the scene creator)

Help me!!

No personal attacks

2008-08-23 02:36:22 by Gokuslilbrother

Don't ever threaten me or insult me as a person unless I did something to you

You can dis my flashes all you want I don't care, you can even really really really REALLY dis my flashes it's cool
But don't ever insult me as a human being or as a flash artist...
It's happened

Is this illegal torture?

2008-08-20 14:30:46 by Gokuslilbrother

I think this is illegal torture...
I have the broadband box in arms length of me...
But my mom is sleeping and she won't let me hook it up...
I think this may be illegal torture... I've been waiting for broadband for 1 year

Yeah I have Dial up, wanna fight about it? Well we can't because if I try to fight with dial up you will probably fall asleep by the time our fight loads

I love you

2008-08-18 14:16:17 by Gokuslilbrother

I don't know why but I love you
I hope this made your day better

IM me

2008-08-18 10:11:02 by Gokuslilbrother

Instant message me my AIM is


Talk to me quickly! The first person gets to be in my new flash!

Gettin Better...

2008-08-12 20:49:15 by Gokuslilbrother

I'm getting better each submission! Problem is, is that I is that I think every submission I make is going to be on the frontpage... My next flash should be really good!

And for no reason here is Stryker running away BECAUSE I FELT LIKE IT

G-Force fo life foo!

Gettin Better...