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I knew it, it's always a 3-shot

Farah Fawcett- Sorry I don't know you beyond that picture everyone used to have on their wall
Michael Jackson- BREATHE!!! BREATHE!!!
Billy Mays- NO! You have to rise from the grave and take back what was yours! You have to challenge Vince in a pitch off!

I didn't even use the shit and when I plug the shit in it doesn't do shit! And I didn't even do shit! And the shit was working fine yesterday, but when I put the shit in the table for safe keeping, the shit stopped working when I plugged the shit in my computer

Webcams always fuck up from doing nothing
Hope I can get the shit working again

Just wait!!! Any second now he'll get up and do the moonwalk out of the fucking hospital!
Fuck that shet!
He's the King of Pop!!! THE KING OF POP!!!
I need a moment...

I've recently indulged myself in a mass load of Final Fantasy Games, I'm even playing FF8 and FF9 at the same time!
Multitasking much?

I even played more then 10 minutes of that ball sweat called Final Fantasy 7! What a fucking piece of shit that was! But in all honesty, I came into FF7 thinking it was golden, and now I just realize it's a sub par piece of averiginity! So what am I supposed to do with this fucking 3 piece disc set? Use it as a coaster?


So anyway, my all time favorite Final Fantasy would have to be Final Fantasy X-2, the only thing shitty you can say about it is the bad story, which I didn't notice playing because I was so young.
I suppose you can also gripe about the fact that it's basically soft porno, what with all the girls undressing in battle and dressed scantily when they have them on, but get this-

I was young when I played FFX-2, old enough to follow the story and understand the stat crunching, but not old enough to even take a second glance at the women! They didn't distract me at all, talk about the perfect age for playing video games!

But my current favorite is FF8, it's loaded with originality! The juntion system, GFs, Drawing magic, it's the embodiment of what I love! A stat cruncher babeh!
The only strange thing is the Main Character (Shiro in my version :P) and Seifer (They didn't let me name him... Those bastards! But I just call him Kriss)'s fucking swords!

It's a sword with a pistol grip... What? It doesn't even shoot shit!
The first time I seen Squall (Leon) was in Kingdom Hearts, and when he pulled the trigger he casted fire! That's the only time the gunblade came in handy

I mean were Square just sitting around thinking of a badass weapon for their badass main character and go "Guys... What if (Well they would talk Japanese but...) we stuck a sword on a gun!" I mean on paper that's the coolest thing ever but they fucked it up!

So tell me your favorite Final Fantasy game!

Check in

2009-04-13 05:29:30 by Gokuslilbrother

I just moved!

That is all...

Stop spamming me

2009-02-23 13:06:44 by Gokuslilbrother

Whoever spams me will be taken off the clock

FREE Voice Acting

2009-02-06 09:36:38 by Gokuslilbrother

That's me, I could voice act in your flashes free of charge :B
I'm really good at doing children type voices, but I excel at doing really annoying

I'd like to inform you that my microphone is indeed NOT a piece of shit!
Send an IM to this Address right here

Or if you do not have AIM then we can discuss it over Newgrounds PMs but I'd much rather do AIM

No new flashes but...

2009-01-24 02:33:34 by Gokuslilbrother

I have a youtube page right here that I constantly update so if you want more from me here it is
http://www.youtube.com/user/Gokuslilbr other

I love them!!! I must have them, I will have them all!!!
Flashes never


2009-01-04 22:20:08 by Gokuslilbrother

Yup I killed my Street Fighter II Scene Creator!!! Did anyone actually want to play that...?