I just watched by far the best anime

2009-07-04 04:00:26 by Gokuslilbrother

And it was called...


It was art, that's all I can say... Art
It dealt with everything on the spectrum reaching deep into the human mind with a final message too powerful to put in words, so I had to make one up...

That's right, Gantz is Spenlai
I highly recommend this anime to anyone and everyone, there's only 26 episodes so it won't take you too long to get the message that lies inside, I'll let you find it out for yourself

Seeya next time


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2009-07-04 04:11:56

Did I mention the deaths were more twisted than Elfen Lied? Watch for yourself if you don't believe me, you will think Elfen Lied is for pussies after watching this


2009-07-04 06:51:07

No shit ill check that out.


2009-08-08 03:10:03

you should try making a Naruto Shippuden scene creator

Gokuslilbrother responds: